September Ministry Update

Dear ministry partners,
The first month of regular ministry is finished! It's been a joy to see students explore who God is and I wouldn't be able to do that without your support!

Apprentice Classes

We've been exploring different spiritual disciplines in one of our classes. This past month it was Lectio Devina. It involves quieting your mind before the Lord and slowing reading and rereading a passage in order to hear the Spirit. Through this practice I realized I rarely allow myself to be still, which lessens my awareness of God as my source of strength. It was very convicting and helpful! I can send you the simple instructions to Lectio Devina if you think it would benefit your relationship with God too :)

This is our class with Garland Northeast Church's head pastor, Ronnie Worsham. We get to ask him questions about ministry from his 40+ years of experience.


Austin (my small group co-leader) suggested we try meeting people outside instead of in the student lounge. It was a great idea and we made a lot of new connections. Several people have come to our small group because of it!

This is a question board we did in the middle of campus. Many students took a couple minutes to answer, and quite a few wanted to get connected to the ministry! In fact, one girl joined a small group the very next day :)

Core (small group)

Almost every week mine and Austin's co-ed core has new students! Our group ranges from strong believers, to agnostics who grew up in the church, to those following Islam and paganism. It's been a challenge to meet everyone where they're at, but God is working in our quirky group and bringing about thought-provoking discussions.

The best place to talk about life is in front of a calmly trickling fountain.
This girl is already on fire for God and has been helping Austin and I with outreach. I love her bunches!
A group of us went to the state fair! It was a phenomenal bonding experience. Also, a random kid at the petting zoo tried to pet the girl in the giraffe costume.

TNF (Thursday Night Fellowship)

We've been in a sermon series on Life to the Full. It's opened up great conversations about who Jesus is and what it means to walk with him. Last week we did discussion groups, which is really helping the students remember the teachings!

We had our first indoor TNF! (Collin has restrictions on reserving rooms for the first month.) We're already filling up.

Fall Camp

This weekend, all of Collin FOCUS is hosting a 24-hour retreat in Cedar Hill. This is a prime opportunity for small groups to deeply bond and for students to disconnect from the world and connect to God. Please be praying!

Thank you again for your support of God's work at Collin. He is doing great things right in our backyards!! :)

Prayer Requests

  • For A, who is excited to learn about God but is expressing a works-based view of faith. 
  • For M, who is curious about studying the Bible but has been very inconsistent.
  • For J, who is sharing about her troubled past and open to hearing Scripture. Also, she recently got in a car wreck and is sorting through finances to deal with it.
  • For V, who is exploring paganism but is highly engaged in our Bible study.
  • For Fall Camp this weekend, that students would grow closer to each other and to Christ.
  • For me, that I would grow in wisdom and strength in the Spirit.


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