January Ministry Update

Hello, friends and family! It's a new year and I know God has some great stuff in store. Thank you once again for supporting me and the mission to students at Collin College!

Apprentice Hangouts

Every January the staff have a retreat to get to know each other better, to be encouraged, and to center ourselves on the Lord before the semester begins. We postponed it to February since so many of us got sick, but many of us were able to fellowship anyways! I feel much more connected to my team as a whole after this month.

Ronnie (at the very back), the head pastor who teaches the apprentice's pastoral class, took us out for iHop! 
We played Whirlyball and found some unexpected talent among the apprentices :)
Us female apprentices have planned monthly sleepovers at each of our houses! Here we are in Arlington. We left much gigglier and closer than before.

Winter Camp

After much back and forth (the facility thought they might have to cancel our entire reservation), winter camp happened with barely a glitch! Unfortunately, my co-leader and I caught covid right beforehand, along with several students. Since the 4 students from the McKinney campus who signed up barely knew anyone else, they decided not to go. I was very discouraged; it was a huge win for them to even sign up. My boyfriend reminded me of the sower and the seed, and pointed out how the sower had no limits to where he planted. Even though he knew the path was horrible soil, he still planted. If God plants in hearts he knows are hardened, shouldn't I continue to throw seed anywhere I can, despite setbacks? 

As it was, staying home meant my co-leader and I were able to pull together a few zoom hangouts with other sick students and watch the talks remotely. It was unexpectedly restful and enjoyable :)

Here's a view of one of the many worship sessions!

Pioneering Encouragement

At the start of the semester, I was very discouraged about how little fruit we've seen at the McKinney campus. Of course, God already knew that, and 
I've been reminded lately of the sower and the seed, and of how he had no limits to where he should plant. 

Thursday Night Fellowship

We've started a new series, Live No Lies! It's based on John Mark Comer's book of the same name. We've already talked about lies regarding emotions vs. reality, and one of my girls was deeply moved. She is not a believer and I thought her interest in God was dwindling this semester, but after the sermon she pulled me aside and opened up about a difficult situation, then voluntarily prayed! She's more open to accepting advice, and thinking more deeply about her actions. I'm excited for what God will do in her life this semester.

This is Adriana, one of our missionaries! She was leading announcements and decided to pose with the whole group. As you can tell, she's loads of fun :D

Small Group (Core)

It's been hard gaining momentum for the spring semester; our Tuesday lunch group has been pretty small. However, we found a location to start a Tuesday night group! We have at least 4 students who are interested. Please pray the new time and location will provide a better environment for helping students learn about God.

Prayer Requests

  • For our new Tuesday night small group, that it would be a place students can encounter God with fewer distractions (and that students would come!). Praise that we found a place!
  • For A, who was moved by the sermon on emotions, that she would continue to explore who God is and run to him
  • For 2 girls from small group who are facing very tough issues; that they would process their emotions instead of externalizing them, and that they would know God's love.
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